DIY // Holiday Glitter Nails

holiday nails and makeup glitter diy_-35.jpg

I looooove glitter nails! I've bought a few different kinds before and either they chip off instantly or it never, ever comes off unless you file it away. I've found this to be the perfect glitter nail, it stays on well, especially if you add a fresh clear coat every day or two. When you're ready to take it off, it literally peels off so easily! I always get so many comments asking where I got my polish because it's sooooo sparkly, perfect for this time of year!

1. Start with clean, filed nails, add a clear base coat and let dry.
2. Paint a thick layer of clear polish, while it's still wet dip your finger into super fine glitter. (I used this).
3. Tap your nail to shake off the excess glitter.
4. After a few minutes, add a thick clear coat.
5. Use one of these, or a toothpick to go around your nail, cleaning up any excess glitter!
6. Add another thin clear coat, and you're done.