Fall Red Lipstick Comparison

All year round we are lovers of red lipstick, but especially come fall. We went through a collection of different reds and weeded out the orange/pink/bright toned colours and went for deeper, and richer reds. Here we show you how our favourite shades compare on our 3 different skin tones. 

1. Chilli - M.A.C // Chilli is the perfect description for this colour. It is the colour of chilli powder how it sort of leans towards a brown and is ultra matte. 

2. Diva - M.A.C // A nice matte burgundy, the ultimate fall colour. 

3. Really Red - Revlon // Your totally classic true red lipstick. It's matte and stays on really well!

4. Lust for Life - Ilia // This burgundy is quite similar to Diva but has more of a gloss finish and is all natural, total plus! 

5. Hot Passion - Covergirl // This is the most vibrant and bright shade of the 5 while still being a true red and not too orange. This lipstick is great coverage and will stay on all day, it's definitely the longest wearing lipstick we've found!

Best Fall Red Lipsticks-TEGANSPICK.jpg
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