Hey Pretty Mama!

Last week we hosted a little luncheon in our studio with some of our best mama friends and their babes (or soon to be babes!) It was a gorgeous day, we snacked on the most delicious salads and treats from Culver City Salads and watched our little ones play together, and colour! Lindsay had this great idea to make a giant colouring wall, so she messaged a Vancouver tattoo artist Joel for some inspiration! He sent over a drawing of this castle and Lindsay went to work on a giant roll of photo backdrop with a pencil and a ruler. We took some photos of making it and we'll share those next week, it's such a fun idea for a birthday party or event, it definitely kept the little ones busy, and who doesn't love the idea of colouring on a wall with giant gem crayons? (get them here!) Thank you to Timbertrain for providing incredibly yummy coffee for our event! They are absolutely one of our favourite coffee shops, and they happen to be JUST downstairs from our studio. 

Culver City Salads prepared the most delicious salads and treats for our event, we highly recommend them for catering if you have an event! 

We gathered some of our favourite treats for the mama's because it's mothers day this weekend and girls need some spoiling. Our favourite Momma Bear mag, natural lip tint from Harlow, an Aloha chocolate bar (these are insanely delicious) and a Tayham card! We're giving away a little mama kit over on our instagram, so you can enter to win your own!

I brought the ever adorable little town blocks that Lindsay made Hazel for her shower gift before she was born (see the full diy here). They look so cute next to the big castle mural.

Isn't this chalk design absolutely beautiful?? My friend Annabelle visited our studio and drew this up - be sure to check out more of her designs here! 

I loved having our studio full of adorable kiddos and inspiring mothers. All of these ladies are incredibly creative and talented. Thinking of you all as it's a lot of first mothers days for many. I have many mixed emotions this week as it's my first mothers day, but also my first without my mom, so it's proving to be very hard for Linds and me. I never fully understood until this year how grief can be hard around holidays, but I now feel the weight of it. I can think of a handful of close friends who are  missing a son or daughter or mother this holiday and we're grieving right alongside you. 

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