A Month of Escape // Glamping with Free People

Last week we hopped on a ferry with 7 other girls on our way to Halfmoon Bay for a Free People Me getaway! We were so excited to escape to the Sunshine Coast and let down our hair for a few days. 

Man, I LOVE the ferry.  There is something so beautiful about the feeling of anticipation the ferry seems to always bring. The adventures that are ahead during the time you slip away, everything seems to slow down. Getting away from home and having new experiences tend to shift my perspective on my life, clears my mind, and inspires me once again. 

Free People Glamping Trip-63.jpg

Our first morning we woke up in these beautiful cabins. How adorable are they!? Rockwater Secret Cove Resort was such a beautiful place to stay. With the water viewable from every cabin, it really gave us an authentic GLAMPING experience (if you know what I mean) We fell in love with these little cozy cabins. To top it off, the girls at Free People did them up beautifully with the most darling blankets and the most delicate hand placed flower designs on our bed. We felt incredibly special with all the small touches. 

Free People Glamping Trip-26.jpg

After an amazing breakfast (eggs benny, strawberry and citrus french toasts and loads of coffee at tables that overlooked the water...) all  of us ladies headed down to the water for some photos! We stood on the dock and soaked up the surprisingly warm morning sunshine. The water was sparkling, the air was so calm, and we couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces. 

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Free People Glamping Trip-1.jpg
Free People Glamping Trip-2.jpg

We spent the afternoon kayaking through Secret Cove, and dreaming about one day owning a cabin by the seashore. While passing all these tiny homes, It reminded me of how beautiful the idea of a simple life is. I know that I can tend to busy myself often because it can make me feel like I am more important if I always have something to do. Such a silly idea that society has planted in my head. How important it is to slow down and appreciate the small things. I mean, I know it is a lot easier to say these things when we are surrounded by the most beautiful nature, but it is a great reminder. 

YOGA! To be honest, all three of us have never been to a real yoga class. I (Lindsay) have been particularly intimidated by yoga (I have a complex story about it that sprouted by a group yoga class experience that humiliated me. Now that is just a hilarious story, yet I still stuck at yoga being that it's an intimidating thing for me).

I was SO surprised at how much I really loved the class. It was an incredible experience and it inspired all three of us to even put a little yoga corner in our studio! Stretching your body is so important and you will feel SO good afterwards, take it from me - a very awkward, ungraceful, and not quite flexible enough to touch the toes kind-a-girl. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it. Go for it, if it scares you then what a better reason to give it a try. 

After getting cleaned up from our active day we watched the sunset on the water, and awaited a beautiful dinner set up by the Free People ladies. We could see them setting up blankets and stringing lights all along the porch as we waited below by the water. We ordered some amazing green apple martinis and headed up to the prepared dinner table. 

Free People Glamping Trip-33.jpg

Once we got up to the string lit porch, all of our squeals most likely echoed across the water for miles. Again, we were taken back by the delicate details of the table settings. There were hand written name tags on pretty pink paper surrounded by shells and hand painted rocks and other treasures Jules had snatched from the seashore earlier on in the day. (Jules was in charge of making everything beautiful and she continued to blow us all away the whole weekend with little surprises).

Free People Glamping Trip-3-3.jpg

The meal was delicious and beautiful, the wine was magnificent, the company was lovely and pleasant. The evening was truly magical. We felt honoured to be in the presence of such talented and inspiring women!

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Jessica ,  Naomi ,  Jules , Shelly, and  Nikki  - Free People (What lovely ladies hey?!) 

Jessica, Naomi, Jules, Shelly, and Nikki - Free People (What lovely ladies hey?!) 

We woke up early on our last morning for a hike where we were on our way to see a beautiful waterfall. About 4 minutes into the hike we heard SCREAMING from the girls in the back of the line. We didn't bother to see if they were okay because we figured they walked into a spider web. What actually happened was that we were walking over a beehive and the bees got so agitated they flew out and started stinging a few girls in the back of the pack and followed them as they ran continuing to swarm and sting! We decided there needs to be a BEEHIVE - watch your step- along the path so we can keep the peace with these little creatures. 

We made our way to the so called "waterfall" which actually ended up being a tiny stream of water, falling painfully slow down the side of a rock wall coming from a blue hose camouflaging itself under some moss. It brought a lot of comedy into our hike which I think, can be greater than a waterfall.

Back home we go... 

We had such an amazing time with Free People Me, and we couldn't have been treated any better. The ladies were so kind and treated everyone like gold - such a delightful team of inspiring women. Thank you for bringing us along on this incredible GLAMPING adventure.

If you don't already have the Free People App be sure to download it. It's sort of a mash up of pinterest, instagram, and online shopping.... ya, i know, sounds pretttayyyy sweet. Find us on there under the username TreasuresTravels. You can create your own FP Me account and share your outfits, and unique ways to wear Free People items. It has given us a ton of inspiration for ways to wear our favourite pieces in new ways. 

Follow a few of FP Me accounts of the girls we got to spend time with on this fun retreat ---> Kate, Alex, Catherine, Carissa.