Lately Lovings

Happy Friday! Hope you get to spend this (Canadian) long weekend snuggling up with loved ones and treats <3 A few weeks ago Lindsay and I made this delicious London Fog with a lavender simple syrup, and snapped a few photos after of Hazey snatchin' the donuts. She was in heaven, but also really confused, just these glorious donuts sitting in front of her, and she kept looking at me and signing for "more,"  but was a bit afraid to dig in.

That simple syrup - like these donuts, didn't last long in this house, I may have even poured a little bit on my french toast and it was divine. 

Something I'm watching: We've discovered a few great Netflix movies these last few weeks! If you need a good flick this weekend, I would have to say watch Flipped - it's adorable, you will cry. Kill Charlie Countryman, Infinitely Polar Bear. Also, not on Netflix that Dan and I just watched and loooved was Hunt for the Wilderpeople. 
Listening to: I've had the new Bon Iver album playing on repeat, so perfect for this rainy week. Emily King and Whitney are a daily listen when we're at the studio.

Cooking: My new favourite meal is this pasta dish but I fry up a big heap of cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and bell peppers, to make it a bit heartier. The egg noodles and pecorino cheese are necessary, so flavorful and sooo simple. I've been loving this muffin recipe, I've made it so many times, always do it a bit different and Hazel devours them.

It appears she's going in for a smooch, but really she's trying to grab a chunk of donut I bribed her with ;)