Le Tote

I recently started a subscription with Le Tote and I have to say, especially with my pregnancy it has been SO fun. I've outgrown almost all of my clothes, (oh I just can't wait to fit into my high waisted jeans again!) I've bought a few things like maternity jeans and more fitted tees, but it's hard to invest in pieces that I hope won't fit me once this baby is here! This has been great to try lots of different styles and sizes of quality clothing, I've been hesitant about clothing subscriptions, but honestly it's been so much fun! One skirt I loved was too small and I think Lindsay is planning to buy it because she loves it! It's great for that, because you're getting quality name brand clothing and if you love it, you can buy it at a discounted price (major bonus).

I made a little video below talking about my experience and explaining more about how Le Tote works! Another little bonus, use the discount code UNLIMITEDSTYLE6 to get 10$ off your first month's subscription! Start shopping here, and see if you find a few things you love.