Link Love // Newborn Essentials

It's hard to believe the newborn days are already slipping by. Millie is one month old and I honestly don't know where the time has gone. We are slowly adjusting to our new rhythm as a family and every day still feels like a bit of a circus act. Some days it all feels so natural and easy and the next day I'm a hot mess covered in tears and poop. It's all beautiful though, and keeping perspective on how fast this season will be over keeps me going. I feel so grateful to have chunky babe sleeping on my chest and a toddler out with her grandpa on this gorgeous day! I don't know how I'd do it without grandparents around to take Hazel and give her some undivided attention. It's so helpful. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things, but also just taking it super slow. I'm giving myself lots of grace and trying to not take on too many things. Which has been surprisingly easy for me. After Hazel was born I found it hard to slow down and was anxious to keep working and keep life "normal." but this time around I'm embracing the slow days and not rushing it. <3

Here's a little list of things I couldn't live without, more of a mom's essentials for surviving with a newborn ;)

  • This is the one gadget I'd recommend to any new mom. I wish I knew about this handy little milk catcher when Hazel was born. It comes in handy so much in the first few weeks (at least for me!) when I am leaking all over the place, my freezer is nicely stocked up and I haven't even pumped yet! 
  • Do yourself a favour and stock your freezer up with a big batch of these lactation cookies. I'm on my third batch right now... I cut the sugar in half so I feel a little less guilty about popping a handful of these back at 3am.
  • I honestly don't know how I'd survive without a baby carrier. Millie is in this soo often. I love my Solly wrap and Ergo
  • I recently bought two of these journals to write about Haze and Millie, and have been loving them. I so wish I knew about these sooner.
  • I never used baby powder before, but I was gifted this all natural baby powder and I really love the stuff. Keeps her little bum nice and dry. 
  • This postpartum herbal sitz bath is amazing. My doula Sarah makes them (and sells them online!) They make a great gift for new moms as well! A long hot bath is my favourite thing the first few days after giving birth. 
  • Also - padsicles, make a few of them with witch hazel and the sitz bath and pop them in your freezer, you will thank yourself!
  • Another product I'm loving is our new Pink Mask. I've been getting bad hormonal acne again like the beginning of my pregnancy and I've been using this mask every few days and it helps so much. I notice a huge difference the next morning, and when I'm too lazy to do a whole mask I just pop a bit on the problem areas and do a little mini mask treatment!
  • If you have a toddler - pop a pack of these sugar-free lollipops in your diaper bag. I'm not a big fan of bribery, but I'm not gonna lie, these really help out when you're learning to juggle the two and you want to avoid a tantrum when you have to leave the park or store! haha