Mermaid Hair Tutorial


There is an awesome kit by the wonderful Kevin Murphy called the Mermaid Hair Kit. It is a super easy way to look like a super hot beach babe in ten minutes! The Kit comes with everything you need: -6 Wave Clips -6 Pin Clips -1 Hair net -1 bottle of Hair Resort (An awesome beach spray that smells like a Pina Colada!) 

1. Divide hair into 4 sections, seperarting the front from the back, and add wave clips to the bottom half of the hair.

2. Spray the hair with Hair Resort 

3. Blow dry for 5 minutes of high heat, low blow. Then 1 minute on cold to set the waves.


Remove the clips, shake it out, add hairspray and backcombing for a little extra beach mess. 

If you live in the lower mainland contact me (bethany) about how to get the kit! 

See the instructional video here

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