We're 5!

photo by  Kirsten Berlie

FIVE! We've been working together for five years! That is both so exciting and terrifying (time flies!) We've had a few people ask us lately, what the heck does Kalos mean? If you've discovered Treasures & Travels anytime in the last year, you may have never heard us mention it at all! Well, this little business venture of ours started out as a feather earring making team. We loooooved our feather earrings. 

Kalos was what we called ourselves. We started making feathers for ourselves and friends after meeting these ultra cool hippie girls at Sasquatch Music Festival of '09. Later in the Summer we went down to the Vancouver Folk Festival Market and decided to set up a blanket outside of the gate. Not really expecting much,  we were surprised and so very excited when a lot of girls showed interest in our feather earrings and wanted to know how to get more! That’s when we decided to make a website and a name for ourselves. The word “Kalos”, meaning “God’s eminent beauty” is tattooed on Tegan’s foot and thats where we got our name from. We made a website: makefeathersnotwar.com (i told you we loooved feathers) and from there our little earring shop grew to add vintage and jewelry! We had a lot of fun with it over the years, attending Vancouver Folk Festival as vendors for the past 3 years, and hosting almost a dozen pop up shops ourselves! Over time our love for vintage and feathers moved onto other things, and the blog continued to grow and became the main source we all wanted to pour our time and creativity into.

It still blows my mind that it's been 5 years since we were sitting on that blanket, talking about starting something together, and I'm SO glad that we did, and that we stuck with it. I feel so incredibly blessed that I get to work with, and do life with these girls. Here's to another 5 (at least!) more.
- Tegan