Lily Jade in the Park

We're so excited to share these Lily Jade bags with you! Last week Lindsay and I grabbed a juice from Frank + Oak, which conveniently just moved in across the street from our studio and headed home early. We made a pit stop on our walk home from the bus to sit and enjoy the sun that decided to briefly peek through the clouds. We had a nice little picnic in the middle of our favourite little community garden - I should still be on a 3-year waiting list to get my own spot! One of these days I'll have my own little garden, for now, I'll just sit and pretend and keep Hazel from eating the tiny rocks. 

The rain came a bit too soon and cut short our picnic, and as we were walking home we were just reminiscing and dreaming about Summer days when we can just sit in the sun for hours, oh spring, come soon! 

I love that these bags are functional and pleasing to the eye. It's one of those "diaper bags but you wouldn't know it" types. The removable compartment inside is so nice because it means there are SO many pockets - my dream. I love keeping it super organized so when I need the pacifier, or cheerios, I know exactly where they are! I took this bag with me to Toronto, sans insert, it was perfect for traveling. It doubles as a backpack as well, so when you get off the taxi at the wrong hotel and have to walk in the freezing -10-degree snow for 10 blocks, just rearrange the straps and throw it on your back ;). I mean, or maybe more realistically, you have a baby in your arms and too much to carry.

Sidenote - Hazel loves her banana cheerios. 

Head on over to our Instagram page to enter to win your own Lily Jade bag. We're giving one away this week!

Elizabeth in Red Canvas | Shaylee in Black 

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