Update post // Lindsay

Hey guys! 

It's been a while since we have done update posts, and Teg & I have been feeling the need to get back into it. We are hoping to put up an Ask Me Anything this week, so please leave some comments below on any questions you might have for us! It would be greatly appreciated :)

Some things that caught my eye this week:

I just found out about this brand Stoned Immaculate on instagram, and have been a bit obsessed with it this week! I want everything. Heart eyes all over the place. It's quite pricey, but good inspo.

Been loving these 70s inspired Hand Stitched Embroidery - Shag Threads Hand Embroidery . Ever since Teg and I did the Embroidery workshop with El Patcha, my appreciation for how much work goes into hand-stitched embroidery went WAY high. 

I also came across the page for Solstice Handmade Clothing and Intimates. Suuuuuper cute. I kinda think you could rock those velvet one piece as a bathing suit

Ohhhhh my word you guys. I have become obsessed with Solange. Beyonce's sister is rocking it. My friend Gabe showed me this music video last night, and I have been listening to her non-stop. She's got the Beyonce vibes, but at the same time, completely has her own thing going on - R&B style. I'm Loooooooving it. HEY SOLANGE! Welcome to my life. 

Our friend Harley (He works with Dan, Tegans husband at The Space Studios) released this RAD song as well and I am really looking forward to his album to come out, I will be sure to share it with you all. 

Be sure to check out my friends band Boreal Sons, they just released this amazing album and I'm looking forward to listening to it alllllll Fall. The song "In the White" gives me goose bumps. (and how beautiful is their new branding?? <3)

I've also been really loving Hannah Epperson's new concept album Upsweep. It's incredibly beautiful!