Coffee Conversations

So usually for Coffee Conversations it is the three of us together, catching up sipping some delicous coffees at Tegans apartment. But this week we are separated :( Tegan is on the road with her husbands band, Hey Ocean, Lindsay is in Vancouver making yummy drinks for people at Renzo's Cafe and I (Bethany) am at home with my pup.

// Bethany //

Something New// This week I spent monday-wednesday in sweats with paint in my hair and tools around my waist renovating my kitchen! My Husband David left for tour with his band, We Are The City, on monday morning so I had a lot of free time to totally tear the kitchen apart and it feels so good to have it all fresh and new! I will share photos this weekend to!

Something Inspiring// Renovating my kitchen. Throwing myself into doing something that I really know nothing about made me realize that If I just commit to doing something, I am more capable than I think. Makes me want to push myself to do more things I've never tried!!

Something Disturbing// Last night my friend Chantal (who kindly took this photo for me) slept over and we watched A LOT of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Hills, I'm not gonna lie, I am a SUCKER for reality tv and we just got the American Netflix so it's bad (but actually great) news... (for you americans, you've got it good, our canadian netflix is embarrassing compared to yours!)

Something I'm Listening To// Alt-J. I just heard them yesterday (Am I way behind? does everyone know this band..) They're sweet. Take a listen here

A Continental breaky on tour before our long trek to Florida

// Tegan //

Something New // I've been to so many new places the last week! Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and we ate alligator! We went to an amazing southern seafood restaurant in Baton Rouge and got very southern meals, deep fried corn bread, stuffed shrimp, soul food, mmm.

Something Inspiring // Dan and I went and saw Johnny Swim play at a big old church in Austin, it was amazing, they are such beautiful people and incredible singers, they inspired me.

Something disturbing // I definitely saw a lot of disturbing things at SXSW, not particularly my cup of tea, but still a lot of fun! If you haven't heard them, all their music is free to download on their site!

Something I'm listening to // Frank Ocean!

Something New// I moved into my
New house this past week and I have been renovating my bedroom! The wall felt soft as I was painting so I decided to try tearing off the paint. After a few layers, I discovered that there were dark brown wood paneled walls being covered by this horrific deep blood red paint. I have been tearing apart my room, and it became a lot more work that I thought (classic renovation problems) I am excited to see the final product, as I ran into possible asbestos and lead paint issues, eek!!

Something Disturbing// as I'm looking at tegans nice and sunny instagrams, it started snowing here in Vancouver!!! INSANE! It's march. Come on.

Something Inspiring// I feel incredibly cheesy talking about how I get inspired by the silly quotes on my tea at work, but, i was inspired again, what can ya do. "Chances multiply if you grab them" I like this one because I think it's incredibly true. Sometimes the situations i get myself into are outrageous, or end up being funny stories, but its because I'm trying to just take all the opportunities that come my way and say yes to things that scare me or maybe are outside of my comfort zone. Ever seen the movie "Yes Man"? Try it, within moderation of course, haha. Do something you wouldn't normally do, don't wait for opportunities but look for them. They will come, and if you grab them, I bet you they will multiply!

Something I'm Listening To// I toured with the band -The Elwins and we became instant friends. These guys are from TO, and are so goofy, fun and incredibly talented! I have such a great time everytime i see them play. Their music brings me back to driving in the Van with the guys across the Canadian prairies- their cd was our driving soundtrack.
They came to town this week on their tour with Born Ruffians who are also amazing, check them both out!


What are you listening to?