Kiss and Makeup // Essentials for a Perfect Summer Glow

Something Lindsay and I talk about a lot, are beauty products. The awareness of chemicals is slowly taking over our makeup bags as we sift through ingredients in our products as well as any other product we use in our home. We were so excited when Kiss and Makeup wanted to collaborate with us to focus on their stores carrying natural beauty products! We stopped by their North Van location a few weeks ago and found a whole lot of local brands we love as well as a really great selection of products from brands like RMS Beauty and Ilia.  

We picked a few to add to our Summer makeup routine, I've been using the bronzer and illuminator since I got it and am absolutely looooving it!

Start by applying an all over foundation. I'm using the 14e Foundation which has just the right amount of SPF (perfect for Summer)! It is light like a moisturizer but it covers really well. I applied a base using my hands to blend it well, and then used a soft applicator brush for those areas that need a bit more coverage.

Next I applied the RMS contour bronzer, I've never used a cream bronzer but I don't think I'll be going back. It goes on dark but it blends so well. Apply it just below the cheekbones and blend it in well in a circular motion. Apply a bit more to wherever the sun hits, (forehead and nose)

This is where the magic happens, a little goes a long way, it add the perfect "glow" to sun-kissed skin. Apply it over the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and a bit along the corners of eyes. 

To finish off the look I added some of the bronzer to my lips and along the waterline of my eyes using a fine angled brush. I love using as few products as possible, so anything that has multiple uses is perfect.

So far I've been wearing this nail polish for 3 days and have no chips! For a "green" polish, heck, for any nail polish that's hard to come by! Earlier this week as I was going through my room and purging like a mad woman, I got rid of ALL my nail polish. I've really been focusing on thinking about what I'm putting on my body, the same way I think about what I'm putting in my body. It's really no different! I've thrown out a lot of hair products, skin care, you name it. I've slowly been replacing everything, and it feels so good.