Dark Lips

Dark lips can seem daunting! We totally get it - we don't think you have to be going out on an evening in doomy gloomy winter to be able to pull off the dark lipstick - Here are a few fun ways we like to rock the dark lips! Who says you need to dress up to wear em bold?? 

We are wearing Kat Von D - Black Cherry  

This is a super casual, more 'everyday,' look. Especially if you're like me and you like to be comfy but not a slob. I love this look for a few reasons. It's comfortable, in the cold of winter, and on days where I just don't feel like wearing jeans or a dress, I stick to my comfy pants. I found these at Artizia, actually my friend Courtney did, and I bought them hours after seeing her in them because they were just too cute to pass up. I just bought another pair in black, because I love them that much. I've never done anything like that, but seriously, get these before they're gone! 

I love how adding dark lips, or lipstick in general, can pull together a super casual look. I added a layer of nude on top to sort of tone down the dark. Throw on some simple jewelry, keep the rest of your make up minimal and you're good to go!

Got some inspiration from the lovely Kendal Jenner by wearing out a high pulled back pony with a simple black dress. I added a sparkly shawl to fancy up the simple dress. Minimal make up, and a cat eye would add to this look!  

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