A Month of Home // Favourite Corner ft. Feel & Flourish

We absolutely adore these two ladies and their amazing blog Feel & Flourish- definitely check it out for daily inspiration! We asked Kaitlin & Chelsea to show us the favourite corners of their homes!

Here are a few questions we asked Chelsea about her favourite space:

Where is this, and why is this your favourite spot? 

This is my office! i am a wedding photographer and I am so blessed to be able to work from home. My favorite spot in this small space is the desk area. It is where I spend most of my time and where all of my creative energy starts flowing!


What do you spend the most time doing here?

I spend majority of my time editing in here. But when I have down time I love to either draw, paint, work on my calligraphy prints or even knit! this room is always so full of light and i am constantly inspired.


Tell us a bit more about your home, how long have you lived here, what are your favourite features about it?

I moved into this apartment over the summer. I love this space because it feels so big to me. (my last apartment was 475 square feet, eek!) I love the amount of light that is constantly rushing in. I am also located on the top floor so I always have an amazing view of the sunset over the city.


We then asked Kaitlin a bit more about their blog, and her favourite corner! 

Tell us a bit about you and your blog:

I'm Kaitlin (aka @mermaaidy) and I'm one half of Feel + Flourish! I live just north of Seattle, WA and I'm a hairstylist working at an Aveda salon. Chelsea and I began our blog a year ago after realizing we lived similarly parallel lives. She, living on the east coast and myself on the west, we wanted a place to share our hobbies, feelings, talents, hopes, dreams and friendship! Feel + Flourish was born as an east coast meets west coast lifestyle blog!

Where is this, and why is this your favourite spot?

This is my bedroom! I am in love with this space because of the beautiful light it receives throughout the day from it's huge, west-facing windows. I have a view of the Puget Sound, mountains and the ships in the harbor-- the sunsets are unreal! I chose to keep my bedroom light and bright with my white walls and bedding, with lots of dark wood and pops of green and gold! Mirrors are so important to opening up a room and I love the way the sunlight plays off them in the evening. It's my favorite cozy, safe place. 


What do you spend the most time doing here?

When I'm not sleeping, I'm spending time at my vintage vanity doing my makeup and hair, enjoying getting ready for the day. My bed is the coziest place, so I spend a lot of time relaxing there, either reading books or clicking around on Pinterest. If I'm lucky enough at the end of the day, I can catch the sun setting over the water and Olympic mountains. I can't believe how lucky I am to have that view!


Tell us a bit more about your home, how long have you lived here, what are your favourite features about it?

I've only lived in this apartment for a few months now, but I love it more every day I'm here! The living room has south-facing windows which allow a flood of sunlight in throughout the entire day; all my plants love it almost as much as I do! The dark hardwood floors and white brick fireplace are also some of my favorite features. Plus, I only have neighbors below me which means no shared walls. Lastly, I have a 3 minute commute to work and I'm only a 20 minute drive to my parents house. Oh, and Lonnie lives down the street! It's all around perfect for me. 


Thanks to Lonnie Webb for taking these incredible photos of Kaitlin's favourite corner. 

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