Ten Thousand Villages // Gift Ideas for the Holidays

One of my favourite sections in local shop Ten Thousand Villages is the corner filled with handmade toys! Hazel loves the colourful blocks, animals and little musical instruments. They have an amazing selection of toys that are perfect for the upcoming Holidays. I picked up this little wooden recycling truck for Hazel and she is obsessed with it. She's all about toys that have little slots to put other things into. And this little "efelet" as she says, comes with her everywhere. I love that these toys were made by artisans, you can find out where they came from, who made them and they're gifts that give back! I've never been a big fan of just going and getting a ton of toys from the toy store for birthdays or holidays. I try to be intentional about where it comes from and support local or handmade.  

Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade company that works with artisans from all over the world. If you check out their website, for each product they showcase the artisan group, the makers, and a bit about where they are from and a snippet about their culture/community. You can buy the products online or look up the nearest store to you.

Something I love when it comes to Christmas gifts and am going to really try to do with my kids is the gifts of "want-need-wear-read." Thoughtful giving is something that's become more and more important to me. She really doesn't need a big pile of toys! I definitely over-did it last year, being super excited about her first Christmas where she wasn't a tiny baby. I love the intentional gifts of a book, a new item of clothing, something she needs and then something she'll really want.

I would definitely recommend giving Ten Thousand Villages a look. It's a store where you can really find a gift for everyone. They have gorgeous housewares, decor, jewellery,  I don't think I've ever left the store without a new basket. I actually ordered a bunch online (they have great shipping options!) This gorgeous white woven basket fits perfectly under my Rove Concepts chair. I love it. I just throw all the random toys left out in the living room at the end of the day and tuck them away.

Here are some more gift ideas from Ten Thousand Villages!

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