Coffee Conversations


Thanks so much for your feedback on Instagram on what questions to answer for this Coffee Conversation! We love hearing from you, what do you want to hear next week? 

Something New: I started working part time at a cafe down the street called Our Town Cafe. It is going great, I love making coffees and being a barista is just a great, easy part time gig!

 Favorite Books: I am a huge sucker for teenage/young adult fiction. Harry Potter takes the cake for sure for me, I love the Hunger Games series as well! When I'm not consumed in those worlds I love Kristen Heitzman, I've only read a handful by her but they have all been so good, and I've been meaning to find more, her books are similar style to Francine Rivers books (she wrote Redeeming Love, which if you're a young Christian girl, you've probably read and wept your way through...haha) but I think I like her better!
 Favorite Online Shop: I don't do a lot of online shopping to be honest, but ASOS is my favorite online store, for guys and girls, I've bought Dan lots of great clothes from them!  Nasty Gal is really great as well!

 Favorite Way To Kill An Afternoon: If I have an afternoon free, and I could do anything I wanted? I could either be found at Matchstick, JJ Bean, or 49 Parallel drinking a latte and eating a croissant or donut! Or if I'm not feeling that ambitious, I would probably be watching some sort of TV series, watering my succulents, and baking cookies. 



 Something New: 
I went to Portland this weekend! Anyone who has gone is probably thinking  "LUCKYYYY!" because it is true, I am lucky to have spent my weekend there, it is absolutely incredible! The food, the coffee, the cute little shops, the endless cafe's, oh and of course the food trucks! I had been to Portland before but had never really experienced it. We went with a group of amazing friends and had such a great time. It was full of bright coloured leaves which made it super stunning. A band that I toured with in the summer called "Adventure Galley" (look them up!) are living in a big old church turned into apartments, and they let us stay with them. It was so beautiful, all the windows are stained glass so the church was lit by the coloured glass every day. It was dreamy. We went to a corn maze one night and even drove to a foggy field and let off a floating lantern! There was something so special about that night. Earlier in the day my friend Elaine and I walked past this store and it had a sign on the wall that said "You are my sunshine" Elaine loved the sign and said "I want that sign" and we all kept walking and singing that song in the streets. Later that night we drove to a foggy field and I surprised my friends with a floating lantern. As soon as we drove down a random dead end to get out of the car, one of the guys picks up this sign on the ground and holds it out saying "look guys! You are my sunshine!" It was the exact sign elaine saw earlier, on a random road, at night, at a random dead end we drove to. It was incredible. I am pretty sure both our eyes filled up with some tears. We then let off the floating lantern, it was such a beautiful moment for all of us. The Lord just knows the hearts & desires of his children. 

Favourite books: Tegan already mentioned this, but one of my favourite books is by Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love. I really think every woman should read that book. I am sort of a weirdo when it comes to reading, I like going to church's libraries and picking out old books with cheesy titles like, on my shelf right now I have " The victorious life" and "Crowns of Rejoicing". One of my favourites that I have found is called "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life" by Hannah Whitall Smith, it is written in 1883 and is so full of wisdom. Here is a little snippit of a quote I love "Let every failure, then, if any occur, drive you instantly to the Lord, with a more complete abandonment and a more perfect trust; and if you do this, you will find that, sad as it is, your failure has not taken you out of the land of rest, nor broken for long your sweet communion with Him."


Favourite online shop :I am not a huge online shopping gal either, but anytime I have, I love ASOS. I love how vast it is and there are just so many amazing clothes to choose from.


Favorite Way To Kill An Afternoon: Well, I guess I have a whole afternoon to kill today and this is what I will be doing.. Slept in, read a bit, took my time getting ready, I absolutely love when you have no schedule and you can take time getting ready, having coffee, cleaning up a bit, mornings are so peaceful. I love making a big breakfast, and then I will most likely head over to a coffee shop (today I am going to Tegan's new shop to visit her) and will sit and read/ catch up on writing letters to my friends abroad while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte and a muffin, mmm!!  Perfect afternoon. 



// Bethany //  

Something New: Today baby girl is 28 weeks! Woo! That means the start of the third trimester. CRAZY. I can't believe we are already in the final stretch. My sister had a beautiful baby girl, Elisabeth, 2 weeks ago. I love her so much, and it makes me ache for ours to come play! 

Favourite Online Shop: for "stuff" decor, baby stuff, lotions, they have literally everything. For clothes, I loovvvee They always have everything I'm looking for, even cool maternity clothes. anddd Free Shipping! 

Favourite Books: My favourite books are Christian non-fictions, some of my favourites are by Donald Miller, and C.S Lewis. 

Favourite way to kill an afternoon:  Well if I'm being honest, as of lately, napping. Baby girl needs a whole lot of my energy so there isn't too much more appealing than a blanket and a couch in the middle of the day.