What Lindsay Wore // In the Desert


Tegan and I got to go on a trip to Palm Desert this past month with our family. It was such a lovely and relaxing time. You know when you just ache for a break but you don't realize it until you are there and deep into relaxation mode? That is what happened for all of us.
We were able to stop, let out a big sigh, and just drop everything so that we could be still and enjoy ourselves. It is so important to take time to reboot, break away from the internet world, read some books, indulge in some comfort foods, and hang out with the ones you love most. 


I always have such a great time shopping in California. There is never a shortage of sales and the clothes have a bit of a different style than the ones back home. 
After trying on around 15 pairs.. (NOT even kidding, I felt outrageous) I finally found the pant-overalls I was looking for at Marshalls.


I have been on the search for wedge strappy sandals and I was so excited to find the perfect pair at Ross for only $15. It was such a great deal that Tegan even bought the same pair. 


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