What Lindsay Wore // Spring walk

Tegan and I took a walk around Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, such a beautiful park! I have only been here a few times, and I always wonder why I don't visit there more. 

Isn't this backpack beautiful?! Our good friend Nathan made it! There are so many wonderful details to this bag that I LOVE! Like specific pen and notebook pockets in the front, with pretty stitching around it. He makes a beige bag as well with beautiful blueish-grey detail, you can take a look at it here!  If you are interested in a custom backpack, you can email Nathan at nathan.graalman@gmail.com ! He makes them by hand and puts so much love and time into them. They are incredible.

Hanna Dorothy created this gorgeous top. Everything she touches turns to gold! She is a local designer and we met up with her a couple times to check out her line and talk about future collaborations (Treasures Shop is eagerly awaiting a collab!!) Check out her pieces here- they are so chic and sophisticated. I love it!

Sparkles!!! I have been looking for sparkly shoes for quite a while, and these are just a dream. I love the colour, they seem to go with everything! Very Volatile has been my go-to for shoes lately! 

I have been looking for shorts that pretty up an outfit rather than dress down. These shorts from Gentle Fawn are just that, with the pretty black thick floral pattern, and flowy fit! They are elastic at the waste so they are super comfortable!