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The Sunshine Coast has seemed to have swallowed me this month. I have spent my past three weekends there, and it blows my mind that I hadn't visited sooner. I had been there once to Half Moon Bay on our FP Me trip a couple years ago, but for some reason hadn't visited since. It is stunning and so close! I went on a Sunshine Coast Ale Tour with my bff Elaine for her blog Local Wanderer, that I will share with you next week! VANCOUVERITES, if you are like me and don't have that much experience of the Sunshine Coast - please take a visit! The ferry is absolutely beautiful (even though I didn't get to see any whales :( ). What a wonderful place we live in. 

Being on an island really takes your mind away from it all and seems to toss your eyes up into the air to give you a new perspective on your life. You see others, and how they live so differently than you. I was able to take a look at my own life, assess where I live, where I'm at, what I want in life and really check out my heart and make sure things are A-Ok deep down in there. 

There is this super cheesy movie called "Hope Floats" with Sandra Bullock that I watched a while ago, and although it is super cheesy, it really got me. "You think life goes on forever? You think behind every chance there's another chance and another one and another one? It's the worst kind of extravagance the way you spend your chances"

The whole mentality of "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I'll mend that relationship later" or even being stuck in a rut, or feeling sorry for yourself because of the way life has treated you... we do not hold time in our hands. If we did, wouldn't it be nice to just mold it the way that would perfectly fit our needs? Unfortunately, time isn't always friendly, and it seems to run away and escape through our fingers quite frequently.

I loved reading this quote today by this article on grieving - (if you do not think you have experienced grief, you probably have in some form) "Losing a child cannot be fixed. Being diagnosed with a debilitating illness cannot be fixed. Facing the betrayal of your closest confidante cannot be fixed. These things can only be carried." 

Take good risks, take care of your body, really look into people's eyes, call up your Mom, call up your Dad, ask to babysit your cousins, take that much-needed break, take time to grieve, walk instead of drive, ask your friends to babysit, go on a date, give him your number, book that flight you've been thinking about, fix your eyes on those closest. It is not hard to recognize the ones who truly care about you, find them and acknowledge their love. Laugh a lot. a lot a lot a lot. 


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