Pineapple Granola

We are so smitten with pineapple anything right now. It may be our Maui vibes sticking with us and the anticipation of summer and light fruity snacks. This is such fun afternoon snack for yourself, or if you are expecting to have friends over, this is a great way and easy to impress them ;)

All you need is a pineapple, granola, coconut chips and a bit of assorted fruit! 

We used Hungry Buddha chocolate coconut chips for an added touch. These coconut chips are sooooo good. Often we just pull out bags and snack on them while we work away at the studio. So. Good. 

Hazey always clamps onto our legs whenever we are making any recipes and it's my favourite thing. She loooooves pineapple and got a bit impatient ;) 

Cut the pineapple open and scoop out the insides! Cut out the core, and save the good fleshy pineapple to mix in with the other fruit later. Pour in the yogurt and sprinkle with all of your favourite toppings. Enjoyyy!!!