Gentle Fawn Desert Romper

June is my faaaavourite month. It's my birthday month and now I share it with Hazel! Yay for June babies. It feels like it's finally Summer and the warmest months of the year are ahead of us. I had a taste of Summer in Hawaii and I'm sooo ready. Hawaii is a magical place. I wish I could live there, beach hair and sun-kissed skin all the time. The perfect temperature where you just don't have to think about what to wear. Today we got caught in the rain and bleh, it kinda sucked. Let's just say I'm excited for a few months of sunshine and long days!

In Maui, Hazel would get up pretty early, and we were sharing a place with my dad and Linds, so most mornings Dan and I would throw Hazel in the carrier and head straight out the door! There was a little farmers market and cafe that was about a 10-minute walk, so we'd head there and grab a coffee and bring home some breakfast. I can't even count the number of times I would point to a tree, succulent, or flower, just in awe of it's beauty! Dan got a bit tired of standing in front of walls of palm trees for a pic ;) #instagramhusband. But how amazing is this cactus wall! My dream. 

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