How to Tame your Dry, Frizzy Hair


On a scale of one to frizzy, my hair is pretty far down that scale. After I wash my hair and let it air dry, the under layers of my hair just spring into these weird frizzy curls that are dreadful. They are so hard to tame and I worry about just frying them with my straightening iron all of the time! 

I tried this Beverly Hills "Platinum Purity - Shampoo" with a hair "Masque - hair & scalp intensive treatment" and I can't stop using it. The mask is what I love most- It has rose geranium, essential oils, aloe vera, mint botanical and herbal extracts. Perfect combination to soothe that frizz. *Restores moisture *Replenishes *Detangles. My hair dried a lot smoother and the frizz in my under layers was majorly decreased. My hair just felt healthier!


Another product of theirs I have been loving is the "Platinum Renewing Hair Regime" - good for external smoothing of hair as well as internal strength. The ends of my hair tend to get really frizzy and dry from being under the straightening iron all the time, that this hair regime really helps strengthen the strands! I highly recommend it. (Plus my hair has never smelled so good!!)


Another tip is to use their coconut oil. If you have really dry hair like me, coconut oil is perfect to smooth it out, but be careful to not use too much!! Also be sure to just apply it to mid-shaft and ends of your damp hair, not getting too close to your scalp or your hair will be very greasy the next day!


Any Questions??? Ask away!! Do you have a favourite product / formula for dry and frizzy hair? Let us know!

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