Oversized Winter Wreath DIY

It's the season for DIY and we are so excited to share our annual Holiday Wreath DIY with you! I looove making wreaths and getting crafty, so the Christmas season definitely gives me an excuse to just craft at all free hours of the day. I made Hazel a little bear stuffed animal and am going to give needle felting a go this week! We wanted to try something a little different from the traditional Christmas wreath full of greenery! I went to my local flower shop Bloom Room down the street from me and picked out some gorgeous dried flowers and things. They had some stuuunnniinggg things there, how pretty are all these dried things! The nice thing too is once I'm sick of this wreath (which - bonus -  can stay up all through the winter, because it's not overly festive!) I'm going to just take it apart and make a nice arrangement in a vase. I love me some dried floral arrangements. 

You'll Need:
- Flexible branches
- Dried twigs, flowers, leaves
- Scissors
- Wire

All of these branches I picked up outside! They were freshly trimmed so they're still nice and flexable, perfect for this. 

1. Start by gathering a handful of the branches, and wire them together tightly in the centre of the bunch. (Similar technique to this tutorial). Keep adding the wire where it's needed to keep the branches together. It's a bit tricky to explain, but you can see in the below photo where the wire is holding the branches in place. You can use a glue gun as well to keep them in place if they're slipping!

2. Once you have the base secured together, you can start to add other pieces

3. With the smaller pieces you're adding, wrap a piece of wire around the branch, and then wire it to the wreath base.

This is where you can get creative, keep it as simple as you want or just slowly add pieces until you're happy with it! Some of the dried twigs and berries I grabbed from around my neighbourhood, pulled some dried lavender from a jar in my kitchen and the rest was from the flower store!

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