Silly stories with Lindsay

Tegan and I have been taking full advantage of the few incredibly warm days we've been having here. I almost feel like it is all we have been talking about (sorry about that, we just can't help it) My Dad and I went on a date and threw our bikes in his car and biked around Stanley Park. I can't stress how important it is to get out in the sunshine /  just outside in general. It is so healthy and inspiring, plus how can you not swoon over the streets flooding with flowers?!

This weekend I had the incredible honour of standing by my beautiful friends Robin and Luke as they said their vows and handed over their rings. But, a funny thing happened. 

My friends and I drove to Seattle on Friday night, (the day before the wedding) and right before I hit the pillow (around 12:30am) I double checked my bag to make sure I had my dress. Apparently I didn't check in the first place because my BRIDESMAID dress was NOT there. I had left it in Vancouver CANADA and it was 12:30am. The day before the wedding.  
My friends laughed, I laughed, then the laughter quickly turned to panic as I picked up my phone and frantically dialed up Tegan. 
Dan picked up and as soon as I heard his voice I started to cry, a little. Stress was creeping in and nobody knew what to do. (low key - this was the second bridesmaid dress I had bought because the first one I ordered from Israel didn't arrive 1 week before the wedding like they said it would - so I bought this new one 3 days before the wedding........)

Tegan ran over to my apartment that night, broke into my place like a freaking incredible ninja, and grabbed my dress. I then headed to Bellingham where I called up my friend Andrew and he let me, along with my friend Elliot, who so very kindly joined me, crash on his couch. We arrived in Bellingham at 2:30am and was in bed by 3am. - DAY OF THE WEDDING - We woke up at 8am and drove to meet Tegan in Blaine. She woke up early, left the baby with Dan, drove across the border just to hand me over my bridesmaid dress. ****SISTER OF THE YEAR AWARD, Holy Moly! 

We both couldn't help but laugh as soon as we saw each other - we couldn't believe we had nearly pulled it off. Driving back to the venue, I wasn't able to go to my hair / makeup appointment, so my friend Elliot called up his friends who lived halfway to Seattle. We rolled up, and I borrowed a bathroom from these kind strangers for about an hour. I used her curling iron and got all prettied up (....miiiiiight have shaved my legs in the sink......) Elliot drove me straight to the venue as I sat in the passenger seat painting my toes and finger nails. We rolled up to the venue and I was a half hour early. TADAAA. The beautiful bride had no idea, and we all lived happily ever after. 

So next time you see a photo of me all done up - you never really know HOW MANY PEOPLE and HOW MANY MILES it may have taken to pull of that look. ;) Sometimes it takes a village.