Hair Tutorial // Silky Straight Hair

I have naturally curly hair, but not the good kind of curls. After the shower my hair is normally pretty wavy, dry, and frizzy.  Here are some tips on how to tame naturally curly or wavy hair and achieve silky smooth straight locks. 

I am using a KQC Ceramic Flat Iron


  • Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Fine Tooth Comb
  • Clip

1. Pull the top half of your hair up, and start with the bottom layer. You want to work in small sections, ideally 1-2 inches.
2. Comb through your hair to get rid of any tangles. 
3. Start with the flat iron as close the the root as you can get, and place the comb directly below it. Drag down both hands at the same time. Having the comb below the flat iron helps to direct all the cuticles of the hair downward, this gives you that extra shine. 
4. Continue to work your way up until all the layers are done.