Simple Twisted Updo Hair Tutorial

As my hair is getting longer and heavier getting it to all stay up can be a bit of a trick sometimes! I found some thicker bobby pins at good 'ol Yokoyaya (favourite Japanese dollar store, just around the corner from our studio) and they've changed my hair game! I guess I'm a bit behind the times and only recently realized there were so many types of bobby pins! I've always just bought the regular thin ones you get at a dollar store, that don't really do much for these heavy locks! But now I can go back to braided crowns and pretty updos like this, where as before my hair would just slip right through. 

1. Start by separating your hair into two parts.
2. Make a loose fishtail braid, starting just below the chin. Doing this gives just the right amount of tension to be able to twist your hair after, and it's a lot easier than braiding it behind your head where you can't see!
3. Flip your hair over your head so it hangs on your back. (see photos below).

4. Tuck the braid through itself in the middle. Repeat 2 or three times until it feels tight enough.
5. Secure in place with thick bobby pins! 

If your hair isn't long enough, this style would still work if you're able to do a braid at the back of your head, or just ask a friend for help with that step ;)

Hair tutorial fishtail updo twist-139.jpg