Afternoon in the Fall // With Teva

We are constantly impressed with our Teva's! We were so excited to try out these new boots and we couldn't stop talking about how happy we were with them. For SO long Tegan has been looking for the perfect black boot that she can wear everyday, and these "Foxy" Tevas are definitely the ones she's been hoping for. 

We walked around the seawall and it just happened to be the most lovely evening. It has been pretty chilly and fall-feeling, but the air by the water was surprisingly warm, and the light was just right. Lots of people were out biking around, everyone was excited to catch some warm sun and whats left of it.

teva boots seawall-39.jpg

Tegan and I walked for hours that day in our boots. We couldn't believe how comfortable they were! I have worn my boots every day since I got them, and have walked all over the city in them. They are such quality boots and I just love that I can walk in them for hours and not even notice I've been on my feet all day!

teva boots seawall-30.jpg
teva boots seawall-20.jpg

I love the size of the heel on these boots. They add a little flirt to your look, yet you feel like you could adventure in them all day, hills - get at me!

teva boots seawall-33.jpg
teva boots seawall-22.jpg
teva boots seawall-29.jpg
teva boots seawall-35.jpg

These Foxy Taupe boots have a fun detailed strap on the back of the boot. I really love the mixture of the taupe and light wood heel together, so fun for fall. Follow along on Pinterest for some fun ideas for fall style! 

teva boots seawall-37.jpg