A Month of Nesting // Decorating the Studio for Fall

We're so excited that Fall has come, and it's time to cuddle up with blankets, light up the fireplace, and get cozy in the studio. We did a little redecorating to transition our space from Summer to Fall, and it's feeling much more fitting to the season now. Hopefully our decor and DIY's spark some inspiration for your home or workspace. 

This incredible weaving was made for the Free People Vancouver store by their insanely talented visual designers. But you could easily make something similar yourself, here are a few links to weaving DIYs. 

DIY // Hanging a reclaimed ladder as a shelf to fill up an empty wall. You can find old ladders easily on craigslist or in antique shops. We decorated our ladder with the rope light DIY we shared with you last fall. See it here

This beautiful mint patterned throw, is actually a cozy Wintervacht coat. 

Old Faithful Shop's canvas laundry cart is so handy in the studio to hide those extra little things that we tend to leave laying around. Also, it just looks so pretty paired with their cozy Faribault Lodge Throw

Fall Cozy & Minimal Workspace Decor-10.jpg

A lot of coffee is consumed throughout the days here, so naturally we had to dedicate a corner to our coffee cart. Decked out with Old Faithful Shop's Chemex, Pour Over Kettle, Linen Chambray Towel, and Noble Syrups. 

We created this cozy corner for taking a break with our Eames rocking chair made comfy with an Ikea TEJN Faux Sheepskin, Villager Floor Lamp from Kenroy Home (stay tuned to win one for yourself), and this beautifully crafted stump side table from Naked Wood. Also, check out our DIY to make these cute Donut Pumpkins

This Bell Jar Lamp from Old Faithful Shop is the perfect addition to our work table because this time of year come 4 o'clock it starts to get pretty dim and dreary at our desks. But this is the perfect light to switch on without having to turn on bright overhead pot lights. 

When we are constantly trying to keep our ideas for the blog fresh we often take some time to flip through magazines and let our minds get inspired. We are loving the current issue of Darling Magazine and what their mission is. It is an authentic and inspiring read for women, and they proudly do zero retouching on their photos. Those beautiful girls are the real deal in there, so refreshing. 

We always keep our coffee table stocked with a Woodlot Candle to make our space smell insanely delicious, and with one of our long time favourites; Wolftree Magazine

This is an easy DIY to keep your shoes tidy in an industrial looking way. Just use two cement bricks, or wooden blocks, and place a board across the top. Simple & tidy.  

Fall Cozy & Minimal Workspace Decor-15.jpg