Pink House Facial Serum

100% Natural Face Serum by Pink House


We launched Face Fix face serum in the Spring with Pink House, and we are so in love with it! It was so much fun to create a product that we were all really excited about before we even started picking out ingredients. 

Face serum is such a beautiful product yet it can be SO expensive! We wanted to create a high quality product with beautiful oils that would be affordable. 


Our 100% Natural Face Regime with Organic Products

We recently got a DM from a customer "I'm new to Pink House. Long story short, I've been dealing with a really bad bout of cystic acne and scarring for the last two years. I've tried numerous amounts of expensive regimens and have had no results. I love the natural products and essential oils, however, ever time I went online to look up a recipe I got way too overwhelmed with different options. My sister gifted me Face Fix in the fall, and I am honestly floored at how healthy and nourished my skin looks and feels. I just want to cry from happiness that I'm finally seeing results..." - Saleme Fayad

These reviews just make me SO excited! I have also struggled with cystic acne, and face fix has been a dream for my skin. I had perfect skin in high school, and then as soon as I graduated BOOM, acne! I tried minocycline and tetracycline, and they worked for a while but as soon as I went off of it, the acne slowly snuck back onto my face. So discouraging! I went off dairy, I went off sugar, I tried everything. As soon as I started using Pink House products, my skin flared up. I didn't think the natural products would work. I stuck with it and after 1 month I started seeing incredible results. I realized that I had been using such harsh chemical "acne" face wash and toners, and acne wipes on my skin for years that the pH of my skin was totally out of whack. It took a while for my skin to rejuvenate back to its natural way of creating oils and working as it was made to, but it honestly took a while! This face fix has been so healing for my scarred skin and big scarred pores. It's amazing. I WOULD NEVER promote a product that didn't work for my skin because I have struggled with bad skin for 10+ years. It's just not a fun journey. 


On top of the face fix, the Louelza Face Wash is my miracle worker. It has the pH of water and is so gentle on my skin. It is pretty creamy so I use a washcloth when I clean my face, and I find that it works best! The cranberry scrub every other night is a gentle exfoliation that I use with the Louelza that is great for sensitive skin. I use the Face Fix every 2nd or 3rd night, depending on when my skin feels a bit dry.  I usually use it after I use the Cranberry Scrub or Clay MaskThe Raspberry Face Cream I put on in the morning under my make up :) 

What is your favourite skin regime? Do you have any favourite Face Serums?
Do you have any questions about our Pink House products or my routine?

Thanx for reading!
xo Lindsay


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