Saje Aromatime Giveaway

I picked up one of the new Saje Aromatime Diffusers a few rainy weekends ago and I am loving it! Lindsay and I got to collaborate with Saje on the launch of the new diffuser back at the end of August - it actually happened to be the last studio day we had in our space. It's really nice to have photos to look back on from our last few days there. They had this gorgeous new diffuser going all day and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one once it launched! It has two tanks and a timer so you can set it to go off an hour or so before you wake up, which is my favourite thing these early mornings. 

Hazel is obsessed with the Fairy Mist. Dan gives her a spritz of her "princess spray" as she calls it and runs around saying I'M A PRINCESS NOW!

We've teamed up with Saje to give away one Aromatime Ultrasonic Diffuser along with their Wellness blends! You can head to our Instagram to enter.