DIY Tassel Top & Pom Pom Dress

I'm so happy with how this DIY turned out! I was in our local fabric store looking for a few pieces for projects last week and saw this gorgeous tassle and pom pom piece, for so cheap too! Linds and I raided the back of our closet for something we wanted to change up! I added the tassels to this old top I got ages ago at Ardenes (HA). I wore it once or twice and and found it fit weird after I washed it. Now with the tassels on the bottom I absolutely love it and have already worn it a few times. Same with lindsay's dress. It's an old t-shirt dress from H&M that hasn't gotten a ton of love. Now it's Summery, trendy and fun.

All you need for this DIY Is a shirt you want to give some new life to, a glue gun, and a needle and thread. If you have a sewing machine that's even easier! 

1. Start at the seam at one end and lightly glue (with a glue gun or fabric glue) the strip of fabric to the top. We did the same for the shirt and the dress. Do whatever you think fits best, with the pom poms, Lindsay added them a bit higher so you could still see the fabric from the dress underneath, whereas I didn't want to see the fabric with the top so I glued it right along the bottom so it looks like it's a part of the top. 

You can see here how it's glued a bit up from the seam.

2. Do a quick and easy stitch with a needle and thread of the same colour to make sure it stays secure, and so it's washable! The glue won't hold it in place forever.

Ta Daaaaa. How cute is this? I kind of want to put pom poms and tassels on all of my tops and dresses, but I think a mini matching one for Hazel is next on my to-do list.