DIY // Mini heart cushions

This DIY is super easy, and fun! They are great for decorating a space, hanging them from banners, windows, baby cribs, bathroom mirrors, you name it!

What you'll need:

- Fabric / Pillow Cases
- Needle & Thread
- Fluff; can be found at any craft store, I tore up an old pillow

1. Cut hearts out of your pillow cases, make sure there are two identical sides. If you are using pieces of fabric instead of pillow cases, just fold it over, line em up and cut away!

2. Take your needle and thread, and sew the edges together, leaving a space to add the fluff

3. Tear apart the fluff and add small pieces into the heart, add until full and sew it up! 

I added a string to these hearts with the needle, so that I could hang them on this Baby Banner DIY we made! 

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