What Tegan Wore // Citizen Grace

I love this road. It's long and windy with beautiful beachy bushes lining the sides of it for miles. Just a few minutes from our Yurt we stayed at in Umpqua Lighthouse Park. It's like nothing in Vancouver, and makes me feel like I'm somewhere so far from home! I love the California desert vibes, so pretty.

So excited that I scored these shoes at a little thrift store in a random small town while on our road trip! They were $5 and had never been worn. I love when that happens. Small town thrifting is the best, I also bought at least 5 pairs of baby overalls, haha they're SO cute, can't wait to play dress up with them. 

I've been wearing these necklaces every day, they're from a shop called Made By Mary, and they're perfectly simple and handmade with quality, I got "mama" on one, and "marguerite," (my middle name) on the other one. I'm loving investing in simple, classic pieces that are timeless, and beautiful pieces! (shop them here!)

Citizen Grace is my new favourite local online shop. This dress is pretty, and I love that it buttons all the way up the front, so it can be worn with jeans and a top as well! I love pieces that can be worn in so many different ways, and I have a weakness for florals, so it's a win-win. I've been on the search for a white hat, this one is perfect, I found one at H&M a few months back, but it just didn't fit right, but this one is going to be glued to my head all Summer, I love it.

Citizen Grace is giving T&T readers the first $10 off your order, at checkout, enter code: wildandfree // valid until March 27! Shop here >>

Dress: Mink Pink; Citizen Grace
Hat: Brixton; Citizen Grace
Shoes: Thrifted
Necklaces: Made By Mary
Rings: Fresh Tangerine