Sweatin' to the Nineties

1/3 of Kalos is HEADING TO AUSTRALIA tomorrow.. Oh my goodness we are going to miss her! (and of course her WONDERFUL husband Daniel. also my brother in law)

As a going away party, Bethany and I decided to Surprise Tegan and Dan with a 90's themed party. Well, they ended up finding out about the party-but not the theme.. I decided to blindfold them and get them to dress into the 90s outfits I picked out for them! 

Awaiting them at Bethany and Davids lovely home, were many many fully-dressed friends. It was fantastic. It was a fantastic night loaded with CHUBBY cottoncandy/grape/orange pop. (my fav in the nineties during recess!) There were lots of choker necklaces, spandex dresses, maroon lipstick, wrap skirts, jean on jean, gelled hair, bright sneaks, and we couldnt forget the classic silver tearaways- yikes! Bethany looked like Scary Spice from the Spice girls, and bethy said I looked like the girl from Clueless, so hardcore. 

We will miss Tegan soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tegan will be in Aussi bloggin like crazy, having many new adventures to share with us all!! Make sure you keep looking on our blog for updates, I know there will be some crazy stories coming up!

Look out Australia for some NEW and FRESH Kalos product, Be ready ;)


Here are a few highlights from the Party!! 


We love you tegan, and We will miss you Incredibly..

<3 Linds and Bethy.