DIY Chunky Wool Scarf // Knitting Noodles

We were sent this big box full of AMAZING wool last week from Knitting Noodles to get crocheting on some winter scarves! We had so much fun doing this DIY and are loving the idea of making scarves or pillows as Christmas gifts. The blankets on their site are too die for, and with this freezing weather we've been having, I wish I could pull a Lenny Kravitz and walk around with that blanket around me all day, but I think this scarf will do just fine. 

Step 1 // Making your slip knot

- Start by pulling out a few feet of yarn
-Take the tail end of yarn and loop it over the working end of yarn. 
Pull and fold the tail end of the yarn toward the back of the loop making a pretzel shape.
Insert your hook through the first loop of the pretzel. 
Pull the loop through the pretzel making your crochet slip knot. 

Step 2 // Crochet Chain

- Get the yarn comfortable in your hands, this technique worked best for us with the thick wool.
- Wrap the wool around the needle with the needle facing down.
- Pull the wrapped piece through the knot on your needle.
- Keep repeating this to create your chain, make sure you're keeping it nice and loose.


Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook. Make sure you insert your hook into the top loop only. There should now be two loops in your hook.
- Wrap the yarn over your hook from back to front, or in other words push the hook under the yarn strand, and then pivot the yarn toward you until the hook is facing down. 
Pull the yarn through the first loop on your hook. This will again leave you with two loops on your hook.
- wrap the yarn over your hook once more.
- Pull the yarn through both loops on your hook. This will leave you with one strand of yarn on your hook, and will also complete your first single crochet stitch!
Make sure to continue with this exact same stitch pattern throughout your entire chain.

We hope these instructions help! Crocheting is SO easy once you get the few simple steps down, but at first it can seem tricky, so we made a video (below) to help you out a little bit more!