At Home Update with Rove Concepts

Our living room finally feels complete with this beautiful sectional from Rove Concepts. Furniture has been in and out and rearranged in this space for years and it finally feels perfect. We used to have an old sectional in this corner, it was old and a bit grungy and we got rid of it in the fall and I missed having one so much! I thought this room would feel bigger with a smaller couch but it just didn't work! We never sat on it and it just became a dumping ground for toys and unfolded laundry. Now it's basically the most popular seat in the house. 

We definitely are feeling the struggle of 2 kids in a one bedroom apartment. So far it's working, it's messy and there's always a box heading out the door full of things to donate, but I'm still loving it. It takes planning and naps are sometimes a gong show but we're figuring it out as we go. 

After I ordered the light colour of this couch I had that instant thought of OH CRAP should I have gotten the black, we have tiny kids who are messssssy. Until l realized every piece of fabric you see is removable and washable! Hallelujah. Actually the best ever, as I'm currently cozied up in the corner with glass of red wine and cheezies, and no fear ;)

I love the chrome legs, today Millie somehow rolled across the room and was gazing at herself in them.

Man it feels SO good to get some sunlight in here again! In the winter we don't get the sun shining in these windows, so it feels amazing to have it slowly creeping back again. Like, really amazing.

This is her "are you done taking pics yet ma?" face. 
Also need to mention, all of these adorable outfits are from local company Little + Lively!