Little Lion Costume DIY

OK how cute is this little lion. I can hardly handle it! I am all about spending little-to-no money on Halloween costumes. We don't have all that much room to store things like costumes she'll wear once - plus it can get expensive! My siblings and I grew up wearing homemade costumes made of bright yellow tape wrapped onto our body to be a little bumble bee, and who can forget the (somewhat scarring) "grapes" costume, my mom made me into by pinning purple balloons all over my body. All the kids chased me and I remember hating it. I love looking back at photos and seeing the costumes our mom pulled together for us.

Lindsay pointed out this faux-fur trim when we were at the fabric store and suggested I should make a lion costume, and I was up for the challenge! I made the mane with tassels out of thick yarn that I picked up for a few dollars at Dressew. 

I made these tassels using the same steps you can find on our Pom Pom blanket DIY ova here.

For the little wrist and ankle tassels:
1. Cut four long pieces of yarn. (Longer the better so you can tie them loosely and into bows for easy removal.
2. Cut about 20 pieces (around 5" long) for each tassel
3. Tie them onto the main piece of yarn, and bunch it together tight!

For the mane, I glued 6 big tassels I made here onto a thick piece of ribbon. I glued the faux-fur piece along the front of it. I ended up pinning the mane onto her little hat, which you can see below her trying to rip off her head. HAHA I'm surprised she let me put it on her, I had to make it into a fun game. After this little ordeal, I pinned it around the hood of a little brown jacket of hers and it worked better! She's a feisty little lion, this one.