Golden Hour with Nespresso

Things around here have been pretty quiet, but Tegan and I are both so excited for what is in store this year !

I have a new studio in Strathcona in the Eastside Studio building, and Tegan has a cute at - home studio in the works. It is the first itme in 8 years that Tegan and I will be working a part, and it' already feels like a big change. We still see each other a couple times a week and take turns making the drive to each other’s studio to work on Pink House.

I am still in the process of getting my studio all set up but it is definitely coming together! I gotta say, I am in love with this Nespresso machine. It makes coffee and clean up so easy in my little studio, especially when I have a bunch of things on the go!

The best part of this machine, is that it’s fast, clean, and the pods are recyclable! I was always unsure about purchasing one of these coffee machines because I thought they weren’t good for the environment, but Nespresso has teamed up with a recycling depot to recycle all of the pods - definitely into that!

Nespresso has tons of different kinds of coffee, from espresso to americanos - however you like your coffee you can manually adjust and set it so it pours just as you like. It also creates this really yummy crema on the top. It is such a nice way to start the morning at my studio.