Lets Talk // If it scares you, do it.

Let me tell you about a boy.
I pray he, or anyone he knows never reads this. Let us all cross our fingers, please.

So, there has been this boy that has caught my eye for a while. He plays clarinet in a jazz band that frequently performs outside the cafe that I work at. All of my coworkers tease me every time he comes around because they all know I have been crushing on him. 

So, last Saturday the neighbourhood around my cafe was having a giant garage sale day! I ended up waking up early to go check them out - I LOVE garage sales, deeply. 

I ended up finding some random gems and came across a board full of antique pins. It was filled with all sorts of instruments! I of course, searched for a french horn first of all (because I played it in middle school and I am a dork like that..) but then I found a miniature clarinet. I bought it. Why? I was obviously humouring the idea in my head that I would one day give it to him, but no I would never do that because... well thats so creepy, right? ......hahaha......I shoved it in my backpack to never look at it again.

The next day, I was back in the same neighbourhood, near my cafe, because it was car free day- meaning people invaded the streets and there were vendors and live music. *liiiiiive musiccccc*

I walked around for a bit, and headed back to my cafe to see that clarinet boy was setting up to play with his band right outside my coffee shop. Of course as soon as I walk up, all of my co-workers are snickering and pointing over at him and smiling/winking over at me. 

I headed into to the cafe, wrote my email on pieces of ripped up tea bags (Yes, I wrote my email because I hadn't had a phone in a year and a half, so It was my only option) and pinned the papers together with the good ol' clarinet pin. 

I walked over to a co-worker and handed it to her, and gave her the opportunity to convince me not to do it. She immediately replied with " Noo you have to, its beautiful! " - she is a sweet German girl, so picture her saying this all with a very endearing German accent. "You have to do it, if you are scared, then well, you have to" and those were the magic words. 

The last couple years it has been a challenge of mine to do things that frighten me. If it scares you, then there is no better reason to give it a try. Push yourself to go outside your comfort zone, and see what happens! Whats the worst that can happen? This is a very small example of doing things that scare you, but I think it is good to sometimes practice it, even in the smallest of ways! It will help build you up to be bold in bigger matters.

With my friend Franzi's magic German words, I was off. I walked up to the band when clarinet boy was solo-ing (lol, just picture it) and tossed it into their guitar case filled with coins and bills. I walked away and everything was a blur. 

A couple minutes later, I watched as the trumpet player picked up my email/clarinet contraption and stared at it for a few seconds.. (at this time I may have said a few swear words to my friend, just dreading that I was there to witness this with my own eyes) and he then passed it over a few guys to clarinet boy. He took it, looked at it, smiled, and placed it beside him. 

And that is the end of my story. 

Do something that is a bit scary for you. Life passes by quickly. What is the worst thing that can happen?

*as I saved this post, I turned to my friend and said "Okay I'm done, should I actually post this, it's kind of embarrassing...!?" and she said "What are the chances he reads this?? NONE....wellllll....thats a lie......but you just wrote a post about doing things that scare you, so now you absolutely have to post it."


ps. Thank you Dallas Wigston for taking these photos in Toronto!