Treat Yourself // 5 Ways to up your bath game

Hey ladies, we're excited to be starting a bit of a series called Treat Yourself! Lindsay and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago about baths. At the end of a long day, when we're heading home with no plans for the night, one of us usually says in a dreamy sigh; 

"I'm going to go run myself a bath, and have a glass of wine."
"Oh, that sounds PERFECT! Me too!"

There aren't too many ways to unwind better than just this. Putting the phone away, lighting a candle or two and pouring a tall glass of cab sauv. It's a time I always force myself to put aside distractions, pick up a book, or just be silent. For me, it's usually on nights when Dan is working late or has a gig, I wait until I know Hazels asleep for a good stretch and start running a nice hot bath. Although, she does have this magical way of knowing the second I step in, and decides to wake up, it's happened FAR too many times for it to just be lucky. 

OK OK, so you do the bath thing and it's nothing exciting. We have a few ways you can up your bath game and hopefully spark some excitement for a bit of unplugging, recharging, and relaxation. I know I need it!

1. First one is easy, Candles! This is a simple bath game changer, I love lighting a lot of them and turning the lights off, it instantly causes me to relax and recharge. 

2. This one is a game changer that I recently discovered thanks to my lovely friend Melanie. Scoop a bit of Harlow body whip or butter into the bath tub. It's made up of all natural oils, butter, and essential oils. I add it right as the bath is almost finished running, and it melts beautifully and just smells amaaazing. I love that when I get out of the bath, the oils stick to my skin and I can rub it in to get the extra moisturization out of it. 

3. I love to add a few drops of lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils to the bath. It's great for relaxation, aching muscles, and de-stressing. I'll usually take a regular sized mason jar, fill it with Epsom Salts, and add about 5-10 drops of each oil. Add about 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of bath salts to your bath, I usually toss them in after it's done running right before getting in to soak up all the scents. 

4. Bubble Bath, a bit of a given, but getting a good one is worth it. Don't tell Hazel but I secretly bought the Honest bubble bath for myself. I love that all of the Honest Co. products are actually clean. This is my favourite bubble bath!

5. This is a new favourite of mine. Throwing a couple of tea bags into your bath! Who woulda thought? I went to Juice Trucks Mama Monday a few weeks ago and learned a lot! They had an amazing naturopath come in and she was talking about natural ways to help support low-grade fevers for babies. Adding a strongly brewed pot of chamomile or peppermint tea to the bath to help cool down baby. I used this with Hazel a few weeks back when she had a low fever for a few days and this really helped her! So I've been using it as well, both teas are calming, relaxing, and cooling, and also great for sore muscles.

So, go on and run a bath! Combine a few of them! My favourite these days is lots of candles, some essential oils, and peppermint tea. I'd love to hear ways you're treating yourself these days, any other suggestions for upping my bath game?