Lately Loving // Around the living room

This amazing pillow is from Seven Seas Goods! Isn't it incredibly beautiful!? I love the fabric and colours, she has so many amazing unique pillows, be sure to check her out here! She also makes amazing wooden wall art as well as super cute hats! 

Our dear friend Denon Vipond made these incredible plates to the left. He is always working on so many industrial design projects, and if he isn't, he's probably scheming up a way to make root beer over the stovetop, or curing his own bacon. Check out his fun and inspiring work here. 

This pink striped plate we got from J Crew! It's so cute! Love the colour and the stripes. Perfectly useful for our living room table.

You can get our candle HERE in our Treasures Shop!! We had such a fun time collaborating with Woodlot, and loved picking out our own scent. Our "blush" candle smells like a summer carnival. MMM sweet cotton candy and grapefruit! You can buy it here :)

We are in love with this Aether Cone! It is such an incredible speaker, and is such a fun thing to have around the house. You can hook it up to your iphone or computer via airdrop or bluetooth, and carry it around to any space in the house! You can bring it on picnics or to the beach, and simply by turning the circle in the front it changes radio stations or playlists - it even has a voice activated system to choose your fav artists! LOOOOOVE IT been taking it everywhere with me this Summer! 

How fun is this choker from Isharya? I have been loving anything 90's style-related, and this choker is perfect for that. Dress up a simple black dress with this and a top knot, perrrrfect. You can get it here! 

*This post is not sponsored, these are simply some of our favourite things from around the living room that we wanted to share with you!