Link Love/Lately Lovings

  • I just got these Glerups and they're SO comfy! I've been eyeing these for at least a year. Perfect winter house shoes. 
  • I ordered Hazel a pair of the warm minimocs and they are seriously the best little booties for her feet. she wears them around the house all day everyday! I had a tiny pair last year and lost one of them a few weeks after I got them and was SO bummed, one of those things that never made sense. Yesterday I pulled out Hazels snow-suit from last winter and it was in there! Random story but it was just the best discovery.
  • Dan and I got a murphy bed a few weeks ago and it's a gaaaame changer. I'm so happy about this decision, and also so happy to not be sleeping on our rock hard couch anymore. We found a barely used Endy mattress on Craigslist and have been sleeping so well. Its incredibly comfy!
  • Been loving the new season of The Goldbergs. I loved the Live Aid episode, and the little clips at the end of the show from real home videos always leave me in awe!
  • Been drinking out of my Copper H2o water bottle and LOVING it, not only is it the prettiest thing ever, it has amazing health benefits! Read up on the benefits here. It actually will become natural alkaline water which helps balance your bodies pH levels. 
  • I really want to make or buy a big weaving for behind my bed, know any good places to find a tutorial?
  • I want thissssss. You can never have too many candles!
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link love murphy bed-115.jpg