Low Braided Bun // Hair Tutorial

We're really excited to bring you a handful of simple and beautiful hair tutorials from the braid queen Kassinka! We had so much fun teaming up with her in the spring, and spending the day doing hair tutorials, like this one here! I have to say, since hanging out last week, playing with hair, it's really inspired me to do mine a lot more. I usually have three go-to hair styles. All down, half up, or a top knot. I'm really trying to branch out and add a braid into a low bun, or throw some more curls in! It really does just make your look a lot more complete!

1. Start with a small braid starting at the front of your head, leaving out a few strands or bangs.

2. Secure the braid with an elastic and pull strands to make it big and loose. (watch the video tutorial at the bottom to see this step in action!)

3. Gather the rest of your hair and pull it into a low bun with an elastic.


4. Wrap the braid around the bun and secure in place with a bobby pin. 

5. You can dress is up by adding a few fresh flowers in place!

There you go! Simple & easy. Check out Kassinka for a whole bunch of gorgeous drool-worthy braided tutorials!

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