Lately Loving // Drifter

We are in love with these gorgeous bohemian pieces by Drifter. We stumbled upon this amazing online shop ran by local gal Tisah who has such great taste for beautiful bohemian and ethnic inspired pieces. Her shop is full of home goods that are new as well as vintage from places like Turkey and Africa. These baskets are handmade in Vietnam, and this pouf is incredibly soft. I just stuffed these baskets full with most of Hazel's toys in her bedroom, and they're the perfect height for her (now walking) self to reach in and take them as she pleases. They're the perfect addition to her little bedroom setup I've been working on!

The collection is an influence from her travels and her family, and hopes to capture a relaxed, boho style that honors the history, craft and passion that these pieces are made with. Hoping to fill people's homes with multicultural pieces. I love that. I definitely have been craving more of that in my home, as we've been simplifying and always de-cluttering as you do when you have a small space. It really makes me think twice about what I'm bringing into my home, and if I have a place for it.

Someone who has been majorly inspiring me lately is Beth Kirby (Local Milk). Oh man, her home is my dream, and if you have snapchat, her travels are worth keeping up with. She has such great taste for different cultures and really seeking them out in her travels, her trip to Japan a few months ago made me want to go so bad! 

Check out Drifter here to shop some amazing pieces.