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Last week Tegan and I headed to one of our FAVOURITE Vancouver plant stores Bloom Room Botanical Gallery. We always buy our plants from this store because we know they are taken such good care of while they are in the store, that when we take them home they are able to adapt quickly and carefully into our homes! 

We chatted with Sarah, the owner of the shop, and she gave us some very helpful tips on taking care of your indoor plants in this Winter to Spring transition!

Transitioning from Winter to Spring:

  • Most plants drink less water in Winter, so they will be thirstier when the sun comes out! 
  • keep your plants clean - check the soil surface and get rid of dead leaves, or dying stocks, anything that is damaged or has turned yellow during the winter (best to clip it off)  *you can prune 30-25% of your plant without it going into shock
  • Aerate your plant soil with a skewer or chopstick - stick it in the soil gently to get some air in those roots! 
  • Add a fertiliser - every other time you water at first - it helps introduce nutrients into the soil
  • Introduce some kind of enzyme - attacks any fungus growth or bad pathogens in the soil (a natural cleaner) 
  • Mist your plants with enzymes. 
  • Clean your plant leaves with a damp cloth every time you water! Do this at least once a month. 
  • If your plant has grown substantially, you may need to repot it and give it more room to grow (post to come on tips to repot plants!) 

A good idea in Spring is to move your plants into a brighter spot to help them transition. When the sun is not hot you don't need to worry about direct sun. These plants need all the light they can get! 


Fertilizer: 10-10-10 you can get from Home Depot or Canadian Tire. We recommend getting an organic fertilizer - kelp or seaweed!
Enzymes: Bloom Room sells enzymes, which are a natural cleaner for the soil! 

^^ These are some of my favourite plants! You can actually cut off a stem of these and place it into a jar of water. The roots will start to grow in the water, and as soon as they are 2" long you can pot them into soil and grow a whole new plant! 

  • Cacti barely need water in the Winter. However, transitioning to Spring, they'll be coming out of dormancy, and will be thirsty! It is still better to underwater, you may only end up watering them twice a year here on the West Coast,  because the air is so humid and our sun is so weak.
  • Succulents shaped as a flower are more sun-loving! Cute hey?? Move them close to a window to get more natural light. 
  • Air plants need to be watered once a week. Completely submerge them into water for 3-4 seconds and shake them off. They like bright light where they are more likely to bloom and self-propagate. 

Be sure to visit Bloom Room Botanical Gallery next time you are in the Fraserhood area! Let us know  if you have any plant - related questions! 

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