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Bethany and David met in a Blockbuster store. “I recognized David across the store from the band that he is in,” remembers Bethany. “I went over and introduced myself, had a little small talk and that was pretty much it! A few months later we ran into each other again in Kelowna, he got my number, and the rest is history.”

David had a big elaborate plan to propose on Christmas Day but he got a little too anxious and instead proposed on the very day that he picked up the engagement ring. 

“We spent the evening driving around to places that were significant to us when we were dating; first date, first kiss, all that good stuff!” Bethany recalls. “Our last stop was the beach. When we were sitting on a log by the water David stood up and got down on one knee, and pulled out a ring box. His first words were, ‘Don't get excited!’ and he continued to tell me how he couldn't get my ring yet but still wanted to propose. Inside the box was a ring-shaped piece from the inside of his guitar amp. He asked me to marry him and I of course said yes, but wasn't too sure if this was a joke. After the failed attempt at trying to fit the make-shift ring on my finger, I put my gloves back on. On our walk back to the car David was saying, ‘We’re engaged!’ yet I wasn't too convinced, so he said, ‘I'll prove it to you.’ He took me over to a light and pulled my glove off. Somehow, he had snuck the real engagement ring on my finger! That was when the jumping, squealing, crying, and phone calls started!” .....

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