A Month of Beer // Beer Island

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Tegan and I took a little trip to Beer Island! I can't believe I have never been here before. There are giant stepping stones that lead you to the little island, which has a gorgeous view of the city from every side. Of course my favourite view was always the one with Science World (The giant sphere building which happens to glow and change colour at night. It is hands down my favourite thing about Vancouver. ) I am constantly blown away by how beautiful our city is, I feel like I am always discovering something new. 

We grabbed a Four Winds Saison from a store nearby as well as some Hardbite chips, which happened to have a photo of the Vancouver Seawall on it! Both of these gems are made locally, and we are all about that. We mentioned Four Winds brewery on our Vancouver Beer Map! If you have not been to this magical place, we highly recommend checking it out if you are taking a stroll in Vancouver.

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This Month of Beer has been so much fun. We really hope that you have enjoyed it! For me, I used to HATE beer, everything about it. The smell of it just reminded me of long trips to the bottle depot, organizing sticky bottles for a trip abroad. (It seemed like the only and most efficient way to made money as a kid before I got a job, free bottles?! Free money! I was there quite often.) But really, you couldn't get me to drink beer. 
I owe my change of heart to Simon Bridgefoot & Jordan Klassen. (Who also provide a lot of beautiful music for our youtube channel, seriously amazing musicians, you should do your ears a favour and check them out)!  One miraculous day I was sitting in a bar with Simon and some friends in Abbotsford and Simon asked me if I liked beer. I said "No, I hate it" He said "Well what kind of beer have you tried?" At this point I had only ever tried light beer because I thought If I didn't like the taste of beer, a light beer must be the only option that I could handle. He then told me to try a Granville Island Lions Winter Ale, and I couldn't believe what happened. I loved it. My mind was blown. I thought I was a lost case when it came to the possibility of loving beer. Jordan is a beer nerd, in the best way, and he has taught me that beer is an art. If you don't know a lot about beer, you should check out our "lets talk beer " post. I am grateful to have learned from these guys a lot about the history and art of beer. 

Since then I have discovered a few of my own favourite beers! I realized that I really love dark beer as opposed to light beer because they are usually more malty, and have flavours like caramel, coffee, and chocolate. I really hate hops, so that eliminates a lot of IPA's which tend to always use a variety of hops. Belgium beers are often a toss up, and some red ales I love. My favourite beer of all time is Cocoa Mole made in Colorado at New Belgium brewery. It is a dark spiced ale with cocoa and chilli peppers. I couldn't handle how amazing it was. My other favourite beer is Blanche De Chambly, made in Quebec, which is actually a Belgium White Ale. It is very smooth and tastes like cloves! 


As you can see, beer can be lots of fun, and I encourage you to try and learn about the art of beer. Tegan and I took a tour a couple weeks back to 33 acres brewery, and the tour really showed me how the guys behind the beer really are scientists. It gave me a new appreciation for the world of beer and encouraged me to learn more. 

If you say "I don't like beer", I challenge that statement and ask you to broaden your horizon. Why? Because it's fun to learn about new things and grow your knowledge on a craft that people spend their lives creating and perfecting. That is what we are all about in these "Month of" posts. We are so excited to learn more together, we hope these posts help spark your curiosity and knowledge as well!
Oh but hey, If you reallllllly don't like beer, I will tell you my favourite cider is Rekorderlig Elderflower. It isn't as sweet as most ciders and it tastes like a light fruity white/green tea! 

I am going to leave you with some top pick beers to try chosen by my friend Jordan, 
Dieu du Ciel Aphrodisiac, Steamworks Imperial Red, Spinnaker's Blue Bridge Double Pale Ale.

Hope you enjoyed our Month of Beer! <3

See you on Tuesday when we reveal our new Month Of topic!