Lets Talk // Lindsay - A short trip to Banff


Hey guys, Lindsay here! 

Tegan and I are both so excited about this new series of "Let's Talk". One of our favourite and most important aspects about our blog is that we get to interact with our readers in a real and honest way. With being able to choose what content we put out there, we want to remain raw and genuine with you. 

That being said, sometimes life is so good and we are lucky enough to be able to put positive vibes out there and hopefully inspire some of you. But we all know life is not always digging into the pot o' gold we come across at the bottom of the rainbow. 


This last month of Tegan and my life has maybe been the hardest we've ever had. Now, I'm not saying all of this so you can feel sorry for us, what good does that do! But who doesn't have a rough patch in life ? Everyone experiences highs, and everyone experiences times of fear, pain and anxiety at some points. If you do not mind, we would like to humbly share with you our real and current low. 

We found out a few days after Christmas this year that our Mom was, yet again, diagnosed with cancer. 

This cancer that we came to know was the most vigorous and it felt very hopeless. Within two weeks of finding out, our Mom was sent into the hospital and given a couple weeks to live. With finding out that this cancer had suddenly invaded her spine, neck, abdomen, areas on her bones and spots in her lungs...  I can't tell you how devastating that news was, a real nightmare. 

The past month we have been in and out of the hospital almost every day. Now, most of you know we have had a huge transition lately with the blog - it's crazy how life can all of a sudden pick you up and throw you in the dead centre of a storm. 

With storms, you truly learn who is at the helm of the ship you choose to ride in. Fear or anxiety can often drive these ships. We believe in Jesus being at the helm of ours. Guiding us through, being our strength and with not knowing what is ahead, we can know our beautiful Mother is in His hands. We are only finding out what He already knows- there is some sort of beauty in the comfort in that knowledge. 


I have learned lately how much The Lord truly cares about the desires of our hearts. He sees us. He knows us. At church last week, we have this thing called "prayers of the people" where we have the option of writing down a prayer, handing it to the front and someone reads them out one by one and we all pray together over these words. I prayed that my Mom would walk again. Four days later my Mom walked.  I could barely believe it. Small victories. 

In writing all this, instead of adding a burden onto you, we deeply hope it brings encouragement to you. God is good and He is able. Sometimes He heals and sometimes He doesn't. We don't know what Is ahead but we choose to trust Him in whatever happens. We choose to trust that His will is greater than ours, it is the best for us, even when it doesn't seem to make an ounce of sense.  Who are we to determine if the road that is cracked and crooked before us, wasn't designed that way in the first place. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope that you know we care so much about you and the love and support you share with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With care, xo


I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them. Isaiah 42:16



These photos are from this weekend where I took a random last minute trip up to Banff and Calgary with my friends Elaine and Jesse. Thank you to Travel Alberta and Buffalo Mountain Lodge for the incredible stay.

Also, this incredible plaid poncho is from Bison Shop, and it's been keeping me so cozy this weekend!