Cozy Up // Bamboo and Bohemian Space

When it comes to decor lately I can't seem to get enough plants and patterns. Both of our homes have slowly become filled with growing vines and cacti, they just seem to bring so much vibrancy and life to a home. 

We recently were gifted these Bamboo sheet sets from the Bamboo Sheet Shop and wow. I thought the sheets I had were comfy, but these are next level. They're eco-friendly and made with 100% bamboo rayon, they're by far the softest things I've ever owned, I really am loving them! Ohh and when I was looking up some more facts about bamboo, it only gets better with age, so they're not going to lose that "new soft" like a lot of fabrics do. Bamboo is also super breathable and keeps your body at optimum temperature, so think cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Okay one more fun fact because this is kind of amazing, especially if you know what it's like to live with someone who gets terrrrible allergies. Unlike other bedding that requires chemicals, these bamboo duvet covers and bamboo sheets are anti-microbial. They contain an agent known as “bamboo Kun” that halts all bacteria from growing. These bedding products are also great for allergy sufferers who have a propensity of waking up with a runny nose or itchy eyes due to a microbe reaction to other fabrics.

How stunning is this authentic wool moroccan rug from Artizanry? Julia, the owner of this new Vancouver based company used our studio to shoot some product photos a few weeks ago and we just had to have this rug back to shoot some photos of, it's just too dreamy! I love the design and bright colours, it's SO stunning. 

We have loved having our studio space to work with brands and local businesses that create cozy corners and bedroom scenes, they've been some of the most fun shoots we've done! I've linked some of our favourites below :)